5 Best FLVto Alternatives in 2021

All new music and videos are available on Youtube, and while many sites offer conversion of Youtube videos to mp3 format, which ones are safe to use?

You want to download music for free but are unsure whether using converter sites to obtain mp3 files is secure! There are lots of FLVto alternatives in 2021; we are here to provide you with the 5 best FLVto alternatives for downloading free and safe mp3 files.

FLVto alternatives

Youtube is the largest collection of music videos and other media available online! There are numerous options, like iTunes, Deezer, and others. Each of them offers music, but not for free, and their database may be insufficient for those of you looking to download music that is not widely popular.

This issue is resolved by FLVto and other video conversion websites that allow you to download videos in mp3 format for free! There are numerous such providers in 2021, but some of them may be illegal, slow, or filled with intrusive advertisements, for example. We combed the entire database for information on these providers! Following that, we compiled a list of the finest providers of such services in 2019!

All of the sources listed here are free, secure, fast, and dependable, which means that regardless of the type of Youtube video you desire in mp3, one of them will do the job for you! Even so, each of them has a minor difference, so be sure to compare them all before deciding on the ideal answer for you!


YTmp3  If you type “youtube to mp3” into Google, this website is almost certainly the first result! It helps converts FLV files to MP3 and MP4 files, allowing you to simply download the entire movie or music to your device.

This provider’s platform is straightforward and simple to use; no registration or sign-in is required. You copy the URL link to the Youtube video you wish to download, enter it into YTmp3, and then select the desired format. The download process is quick, and if you use an ad blocker, you won’t encounter any adverts!

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Favorite Features

  • Free!
  • Available in MP3 and MP4 formats!
  • Download videos up to two hours in length!
  • Easy-to-use UI!
  • Video and audio are always at the highest quality!


2conv is next on our list! This source is comparable to YTmp3, however, it supports AVI files! You can specify whether you want your videos converted in standard or high definition quality.

The downloading method is straightforward, and the platform is slightly more current than YTmp3, although not much so. It’s straightforward, and it works well. The only thing you may experience are some commercials that you will need to close, but this should be no problem if you use an excellent adblocker!

Favorite Features

  • It’s completely free!
  • Mp3, Mp4, Mp4HD, AVI, and AVIHD formats are all supported!
  • There is a version of the software available for PCs and Android smartphones!
  • Easy-to-use UI!

HD convert

Is your format still missing? HD convert, on the other hand, has you covered! This supplier is well-known for its format versatility, security, dependability, and, most importantly, quality! You may also download videos in 4K quality here, and there are no file size restrictions! Without any size restrictions, you can download the entirety of your favorite four- or even ten-hour mix.

Therefore, if you’re considering downloading some music for your car but dislike downloading songs individually, you may find the complete mix on Youtube and download it for free using HDconvert!

Favorite Features

  • It’s completely free and completely safe to use!
  • Every common format is accessible!
  • There are no restrictions on the duration of a movie or the size of a file!


POINT MP3 is without a doubt the greatest YouTube video converter available! This is a market leader in the conversion industry! The website is written in an approachable manner, and you can find add-ons for Chrome and Firefox that will significantly simplify your downloading experience!

All of their services are completely free, and they do not require registration or sign-in. This supplier has the largest global user base, and they are all quite delighted with their experience. The download and conversion speeds are remarkable, the content is available in a variety of formats, and most of it is of good quality!

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Favorite Features

  • It’s completely free!
  • Every common format is accessible!
  • There are no restrictions on the duration of a movie or the size of a file!
  • Chrome and Firefox add-ons!
  • One of the most often used conversion services!


While SaveMP3 may not be your first choice as one of FLVto alternatives, it does provide a slew of fascinating features that you can test out!

SaveMP3 allows you to download music and video files from not only Youtube but also from over 1000 other websites! YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, SoundCloud, MixCloud, Dailymotion, Netflix, and Hulu are just a few of the sites where you may save your videos in Mp3 format.

Favorite Features

  • It’s available in a desktop format!
  • It’s completely free and safe to use, however, there is a paid PC version available!
  • Every common format is accessible!
  • Download the mp3 version from one of over 1000 websites


As internet capabilities expand, so do the number of providers of such services! Therefore, periodically check to see if your preferred conversion supplier is still operational. Many of the websites are down and are unlikely to return, which is perhaps why you should be familiar with all of the FLVto alternatives!

In the event that one or more of the conversion providers goes down, you should have at least three backup sources. We recommend that you try at least three or four different possibilities before settling on the ideal one for you!

We promise that all of these alternatives will continue to function effectively in 2021 and will continue to provide free services. What are you waiting for, then? Take advantage of your free conversion and downloading!