7 Best Android Apps to Play Music Offline

Are you tired of listening to music on the internet? While convenient, streaming consumes a lot of mobile data and can be inconvenient if you have a lot of digital music.

If you want to listen to music offline on your phone, there are a number of excellent apps available. Here are the best Android offline music player apps, some of which you may not be aware of.

Apps to Play Music Offline

Many popular music streaming apps, such as Spotify and YouTube Songs, doesn’t allow you to download music to listen to offline. However, because they’re mostly focused around streaming, we won’t feature them here.

The Best Android Apps to Play Music Offline

You don’t have to pay to have a good time listening. Let’s shows you the finest free Android apps to play music offline.


AIMP appears to be a bit basic for a music player at first glance. Flat interface designs are popular, and AIMP’s approach adheres to this presenting style. But that is precisely the goal. This program is simple. The AIMP app plays your music and doesn’t annoy you with unnecessary features.

It can play almost any audio file format, including lossy and lossless, and has a 29-band equalization, which is uncommon in music players. It also has the ability to convert multi-channel files to stereo and/or mono. Overall, it’s a respectable alternative that won’t let you down if you can get past the bare-bones interface.

Download AIMP (Free)

jetAudio HD

The Android music player jetAudio HD is available in both free and paid editions. However, the free edition offers so much that most users will not need to upgrade. The only drawback is that the free edition is supported by advertisements, although they are not bothersome. The advertising are located at the bottom of the screen, as shown in the screenshot.

A 10-band equalizer with 32 presets, lossy and lossless support, reverb and x-bass effects, playback speed control, automatic gain management, and more are included.

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A 20-band equalizer, built-in tag editor, over a dozen widgets, and a few additional convenience features are included in the Plus version.

Download: jetAudio HD Music Player (free, with in-app purchases) | jetAudio HD Music Player Plus ($3.99)

Rocket Music Player

Rocket Music Player has been around for a long time and has progressed significantly since its inception. Many issues were corrected, performance was enhanced, and the feature set was increased by the developers.

A 10-band equalizer with numerous presets, over 30 themes, a built-in tag editor, Chromecast connectivity, a sleep timer, a handy playlist manager, and even podcast support are all included in the free version.

Gapless playback, replay gain, cross-fading, tag editing, extended support for audio formats, and more are all available with the premium software.

Download: Rocket Music Player (free, with in-app purchases) |Rocket Player Premium Audio ($3.49)


The phonograph is a beautiful music player application. This is due to the several built-in theme color sets, as well as the fact that the interface colors change dynamically to match the content on-screen.

In terms of features, it’s very normal, so don’t anticipate a lot of frills. Phonograph, on the other hand, can be the music player app for you if you just want a straightforward listening experience that doesn’t get in the way.

Download: Phonograph Music Player (Free, in-app purchases available)

Pixel Music Player

If the lighter options presented thus far haven’t satisfied you, we suggest giving Pixel Player a shot. It isn’t as well-known as the others, but it is still rather good.

Pixel offers a five-band equalization with bass boost, gapless playback, a built-in tag editor, and a few customization options, such as themes and colors, despite only supporting basic file formats. Most significantly, Pixel Player can evaluate your listening habits and recommend new music that matches your preferences.

There’s also the Pixel+ Music Player. This disables advertisements and grants access to all features.

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Pixel Player (for free) | Pixel+ ($2.49)

Impulse Music Player

What distinguishes Impulse Music Player from other music players? It’s designed to be a gesture-controlled music player, which makes it ideal for any circumstance where you’re distracted, such as cooking or driving.

Impulse Music Player has a five-band equalization with bass boost and virtualizer, gapless playback, cross-fade, metadata editing, automated album art downloads, and more.

This music player isn’t a gimmick; it’s quite functional and well worth a shot. On Google Play, the free version of the software is labeled “Music Player.” Impulse is the Pro version; both are Appmetric products.

Download: Impulse Music Player, Impulse Music Player Pro is $1.99.

Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle Music Player distinguishes itself from most other music apps by being intuitive and lightweight. It has a nice feel to it and works nicely on older devices. The UI isn’t particularly unusual, but it’s simple enough to use.

A five-band equalization with bass boost, gapless playback, various theme settings, a sleep timer, and a few customizable widgets are among the free features.

The music Player adds a built-in tag editor, folder browsing, Chromecast functionality, and other themes to the mix.

Shuttle Music Player (free, with in-app purchases) | Shuttle+


Not everyone wants to put their whole music library on Spotify. While streaming music is easy, listening to music offline is more dependable and does not consume data.

Our favorite apps to Play Music Offline are AIMP and Pixel Player, but you can’t go wrong with any of them.