Add LinkedIn Background Photo in Simple Steps

Linkedin background photo is just one of the few profiles setup additions to attract users and employers alike to your profile. Completing all your profile updates on LinkedIn is so important because there is just this much people can see to make a decision about you on the site.

LinkedIn background photo

Most people underestimate the impact of visuals on LinkedIn, a notion which is wrong. Side endorsement of skills, professional experience, looks tells a lot for some employable positions. As such it is necessary to leave no details hanging on your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn background photo is one of the most ignored setups hence, we are writing about it. Because it is actually the picture that welcomes users as anyone checking your profile will see the Information Card before anything else. It is very important to flaunt your ability on this information card including work experience, interests, and more. Bottom line the information card contains enough to decide about you.

How To Setup LinkedIn Background Photo

For those who have tried setting up a background photo on facebook or other large size photos. You will know that following the size specification is very important to get it right.  Secondly, you can not input the LinkedIn background photo using your smartphone view. It can only be done on a desktop view. Turn on your laptop and follow the instructions below.

  • Click on “Me”, at top of the homepage next to the notification icon (bell).
  • Go to “View Profile.”
  • Click on “Edit”
  • A new pop-up window will appear there click the “Edit.” icon (pencil icon) at the right.
  • After clicking “Edit,” now you can select the picture that you want to make your LinkedIn background.
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The appropriate size of the LinkedIn background photo is 1584x396px, therefore, ensure that you have previously edited the photo to be of that dimension. All you need to do if the picture is too big is  crop it with decent editing software such as photoshop. Or make the right adjustment if the picture is too small. Also ensure to adjust the sharpness of the picture to get a quality picture that is free of blur.

Click “Apply,” and “Save.” to ensure to save all LinkedIn profile changes.

How Can I Delete BG Photo

Just in case you want to delete or change your LinkedIn background photo, you can also follow these steps.

  • Click on “Me” from the LinkedIn homepage.
  • Click “View Profile.”
  • Choose “Edit”
  • From the popup window choose  “Edit”
  • Select to either Delete Photo, Change Photo, and Reposition photo.

Thanks for reading and hope it solves your issues

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