Apple Warranty Checker: How to Check Apple Warranty for iPhone

Like other devices, apple warranty for iPhone is a one expenses free repair or replacement clause for manufacturing or hardware defects.

How to Check Apple Warranty for iPhone

Applecare under the apple organization policy allows extension of apple warranty for iPhone and other devices.  Here’s how.

How to check Apple warranty for iPhone

The first step to check apple warranty for iPhone is to check for the serial number of the iPhone. The following steps will guide you through.

  • Launch your browser.
  • Go to Apple ID profile page
  • Sign with Apple id and password
  • Scroll down to Devices.
  • Click device and copy the serial number.

The serial number can also be found on the back of the iPhone.

After finding and copying the iPhone serial number, the following steps will guide you on how to check the Apple warranty for iPhone

  • First, Launch your browser.
  • Go to Apple’s Warranty Status 
  • Enter the serial number of the iPhone into the field provided.
  • Then, enter the CAPTCHA code
  • And finally, Click Continue.

Thereafter, wait for the summary page to load. The list of information for Apple warranty for iPhone.

  • Valid Purchase Date: This is the validated purchase date of the iPhone. Apple can decide to provide help with this date.
  • Telephone Technical Support: Active or Expired: This a valid date of expiry of your phone technical support. If it indicates ACTIVE in green, it means that you still have access to this support option. The date will also be displayed.
  • Repairs and Service Coverage: Active or Expired: This indicates if your phone is still eligible for hardware and service repairs. The estimated expiration date, the learn more and the setup repair link will all be displayed. If the date has expired, it will be indicated with a link to purchase if your iPhone is eligible for AppleCare warranty extension.
  • Covered by the AppleCare Protection Plan: It will be listed If you have purchased an extended AppleCare warranty for your device.
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