Conference Call on iPhone – How to set it up easily on iPhone

For all the sophistication of the iPhone, User still finds it hard to make a conference call on iPhone. iPhones can merge several people on a call. Conference call on iPhone is especially useful in making pre-event meetings, branch office meetings and other group functions including family meetings. Setting up a conference call on your iPhone might be easier and cheaper than organizing a physical meeting with say five people being present.

It is a virtual alternative that sees off the overhead traveling expenses on transport, rents for physical locations and other avoidable factors.

How to start a conference call on iPhone

Conference call on iPhone is much like making a normal call. The process is straight forward and can be accomplished easily if you know exactly what to do. Below are outlined steps on how to start up a conference call. You can easily repeat the steps to add on more participants on the call.

  • Dial the number of the first participant.
  • Establish a Connection.
  • Then touch the Add Call and dial the phone number of the second participant.
  • Note that the first participant will be on hold.
  • Call to connect both parties on a single call.
  • Repeat the process to add more participants on the call.
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Other Tips for the Conference call on iPhone.

Below are some other tips on managing a conference call on iPhone.

  • To drop a conference call, Simply tap the red the red circle with a phone symbol( the call termination button).

  • There is also an inbuilt feature that allows you to switch to a private call with one participant on a conference call on iPhone. Just tap Conference, touch Private next to the participant you want to go private with. Then Tap Merge Calls to bring Conference together.

  • Vitally you can add an incoming caller to a conference call on iPhone. This is done by touching the Answer followed by Merge Calls.