Coronavirus: How to protect yourself from this virus.

Let’s talk about How to protect yourself from Coronavirus. Many infected people experience mild sickness and they later recover, but it is not like that for everyone, for others, it can be more severe. You have to take care of your health and protect yourself and others by doing the following things


Coronavirus: How to protect yourself from this virus

In other to protect yourself from this virus, kindly follow the safety precaution below.

Always wash your hands.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for about 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand rub or wash to clean your hands.

  • Why do you need to do this?

Washing your hands reduces the chances of your contacting the virus. You kill the viruses they may have been on your hands by using soap and water in washing your hands or using alcohol-based hand rub.

Maintain social distancing

Stay at least 1 meter or 3 feet distance away from anyone coughing or sneezing.

  • Why do I need to maintain social distancing?

If you too close to someone who coughs or sneezes, you can inhale droplets from the sneezes. If you are too close to the person inhaling it is bad when the person has the virus.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

  • Why do you need to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth?

We tend to touch many surfaces with our hands and this exposes us to picking the viruses. When we get contaminated, we can easily transfer it from our hands to the eyes, nose, and mouth. When this happens the virus can easily enter the body and make us ill.

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Practice respiratory hygiene

You have to make sure you and everyone around you, practice good respiratory hygiene. This means when you cough or sneeze, you have to cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow, or you can use a tissue. After using your tissue you have to dispose of it immediately.

  • Why observe respiratory hygiene?

The droplets from cough and sneeze spread the virus. Therefore by observing good respiratory hygiene you protect yourself and people around you from viruses such as flu, cold, and coronavirus.

If you have symptoms like fever, cough and difficulty breathing, consult medical care early.

If you feel sick, do stay at home. Consult medical care if you have fever, cough and find it hard to breathe, call them in advance, so they will prepare your transport so as not to expose the virus to others. Always follow the instructions of your local health authority.

Why do I need to follow my local health authority instructions?

The national and local authorities get access to recent updates or information on the virus in your area. When you call in advance they can quickly provide a direction to you to the right health facility. This will expose prevent you from spreading the virus to other people.

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Protective measures for people who have visited recently (14 days) areas where coronavirus is spreading.

You follow the guidelines listed above

Try to stay at home if you starting feeling sick, even it is just a mild symptom like minor flu and headache until you feel better.

You have to avoid contact with people and visit medical facilities. They will protect you and others from being too exposed to the coronavirus and other viruses.

If you have developed very significant symptoms like cough, sneezing, and difficulty breathing, you need to seek medical advice as this may the virus or other serious conditions.