Dropbox Login – Download and backup files with dropbox App

Every day we meet up with busywork. How would you like to reduce busywork and focus on the things that matter? Thanks to the American Company Dropbox, Inc., Now you can put your creative energy to work with Dropbox.

dropbox login download

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox, like I said earlier ”Put your creative energy to work with Dropbox”. In like manner, it is a modern workspace designed to reduce busy work. Also, it is a file hosting service that is operated by American company Dropbox, Inc., in San Francisco, California, which offers cloud storage, synchronization of the file, personal cloud and client software.


As a matter of fact, this service was released in June 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi. They both released it as a startup company having the initial funding from Seed Accelerator Y Combinator. Also, this service software is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS devices. And also in 17 languages, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian and many more.

The Apps offers automatic photo uploading features that allow users to automatically upload photos or videos from their Cameras, tablets, SD cards or their smartphone devices to a folder named ”Camera Uploads” in Dropbox.

Streaming Sync was introduced in July 2014. A supercharged synchronization speed for large file that improves download and uploads time by 2 times speed.

Dropbox Login | How to Login or Sign in Your Account

Dropbox connect can be done by first visiting the webpage. Which is www.dropbox.com The login and sign up option is indicated on the screen. Click on either of which you want to do, Sign in or Login. In some cases, it will appear as Sign up, and Sign In.

Well, after clicking. The page loads at a very fast speed. To Sign up, there are two options to follow, either the normal sign up whereby you input your First Name, Surname and others. Or to use the Sign up with Google Link below the field. Sign up your account, and get your creative energy focused on things that matter.

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Nevertheless, signing In to your account is similar. And also, the only difference is that the user will have to input the E-Mail address and the E-Mail’s password and click on the Sign in box.

Dropbox Download

Dropbox app is download via the website. Similarly, to download it, follow the signup or login procedures. After which, the download page opens to the user. This is because the service is not to be logged in online for better usage. Click on the download icon and relax for it to start downloading. This download protocol can be followed also for downloading with the mobile device.

Furthermore, Dropbox Apps can be downloaded using the Google play store or AppStore on your Mobile phones. Search the keyword ”Dropbox” in the store’s search bar and then download the Application software when it loads.

Dropbox Business

The Business server simplifies your work, with a central place to access and share files. And the server gives you 30 days trial for free without payment and pricing.

The Pricing

The pricing provides you with 2 options; The ”Billed Yearly” and ”Billed Monthly”. Both living with 3 prices.

The Standard Pricing

The 30 days free trial (Billed Yearly) leaves you with 2 TB of space for secure storage with easy to use sharing and collaboration tools with $12.50 while the billed monthly is $15 which is a powerful collaboration for growing team.

The Advanced Pricing

The Billed yearly is $20 while the billed monthly is $25 which is for as much storage space as you need with great developed admin, audit and integration features. And also, it gives you the 30 days free trial.

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The Enterprise Pricing

The servers is to be contacted for this pricing. It provides customisation solutions with individual support to assist the admin in managing at scale.

Features of Dropbox

This application software provides a lot of great features. Features like the;

Flexible Storage Plans: There are lots of plans. User/Admin is to choose a suitable plan for the Team

Link Permission: Passwords can be set to protect your link. And also, the expiry date can also be set to grant temporary access.

Dropbox Paper: Another is the dropbox paper. It enables the Admin to create, share, and keep the team in sync.

The Smart Sync: This feature enables the access of every file in the dropbox directly from the desktop using little disk space.

Remote Wipe: In order to protect files forever from lost devices. The files can be cleared to keep the company/teams file in the right hand.

Groups: Groups can be created to manage team members and ease communication between members.

Also, there are many more amazing mind-blowing features of this Service. And also, follow the download procedure, sign in to dropbox.com or click here to sign in and get works done easily with a focused creative energy.