Emoji keyboard | Top Six Emoji keyboard for Android

Emoji is a word of Japanese origin meaning character. First discovered in Japan hence, the name.  It is funny how emoji keyboard almost two decades down the line it now plays an intricate role in chatting and mobile communications in general.

Emoji keyboard | Top Six Emoji keyboard for Android

Invented in 1999 by Shigetaka Kurita inspired by manga art and Kanji characters to attract customers. Almost 2 decades down the line emojis are now inspiring and giving chat options.

Introduced in the first edition of the iPhone, emoji are now made available on the majority of the messaging apps out there. As a result of its importance in chats, the popularity in recent time has constantly been on the rise.

Emoji keyboard for android

On this article, we will make a list of Top 5 best emoji keyboard for Android.


First is Facemoji makes available over 3,000 free emojis and emoticons to its users. The emoji keyboard app has an adjustable theme and a huge collection of stickers and GIFs.

in additional features such as gesture typing, supports various languages, auto corrections, and word suggestions.

Kika Keyboard

Certainly, one of the best Kika keyboards is known for cool user experience there is no doubt why Kika emoji keyboard app should be on this list. Spectacular themes prediction and auto-correction features, keyboard sound and a wide collection of smiley face emoji that suits any emotion.

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SwiftKey Keyboard

The Swiftkey keyboard is designed to make you keep up with the pace during chats. An interesting keyboard that suggests emoji that suits your typing while also auto-suggesting and above all learns your writing pattern and favorite emojis. Furthermore, it shows you an emoji for any object you type on the keyboard.

It is certainly one of those apps that were designed just for you. oh yes, it gets that personal with you.


A lot has been done on the emoji apps. So, Bitmoji emoji keyboard app did in contrast to other apps by given the ability to create smiley emoji to users.

Emoji Keyboard

Emoji keyboard has cute emoticons, GIF and stickers. The app predicts emoji to users.

Gboard – the Google Keyword

In truth Gboard regarded as the best by many. Belonging to tech powerhouse Google, you expect nothing less. A vast array of emoji to select from, it predicts emoji, accepts drawn emoji, amazingly it has the Googles translates and supports over 120 languages and swipe-to-type (Glide typing).

The Gboard is arguably the best emoji keyboard. Other top keyboards include the ai keyboard, Textra, Flesky, Go keyboard, Emoji makers etc