Facebook is testing a way for creators to make money through Stories (Sticker Ads)

Facebook launched Stories 4 years ago to its platform, and the Story was created mainly for people to upload contents, videos and more. Now the social media company is giving some uses the opportunity to make cool cash just through the contents of their stories.


Facebook announced today that it will give some creators the opportunity to put ads that looks so much like stickers in their stories and get a cut of the outcome revenue.

The first test is very small, the company said. It also mentioned that it hopes to extend it very soon and then use that technology to every short-form videos on Facebook.

F.B to Make its Usual in-streams available for shorter videos

The story stickers are only among the various updates of the company to its creator platform. Facebook is as well making its usual in-streams available for shorter videos. Formerly, only 3 minutes or more videos could possibly, monetize with the ads.

However, now a video of 1 minute can get ads, which will then be put 30 seconds into the content. Videos that are longer than 3 minutes can as well place ads after 45 seconds into the programming.

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To be part of these in-streams ads, pages that post those ads must have six hundred thousand total minutes viewed from any mix of video uploads in the last 60 days. And also 5 or more active uploads or formerly live videos.

At the same time, live video creators must have now 60,000 live minutes viewed in the last 60 days to monetize via in-stream ads, as well as meeting the video-on-demand program requirements.

Facebook is as well spending $7 million to upgrade its Stars feature. This enables viewers of a live content tip to have visual stars, of which each pays a creator a cent.

The company will also make available free Stars during certain live streams. And viewers can then send them to the videos’ hosts. The team will as well launch virtual gifts that viewers can send.

Yoav Arnstein’s comment on why Facebook is investing in the Stars:

“We want to enable more people to actually go and experience this delight of actually going and supporting a creator. And we think this is a relatively new behavior that we want to make more ubiquitous across the app. And we think this is a great way to do that.”

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He further added:

“We think that can help also incentivize creators to experiment more with the type of content. And the type of engagement directly with fans that will actually enable and incentivize this type of direct support from fans.”

Also, Facebook will be extending its paid live events to 24 extra countries. And its fan subscriptions as well to additional 10 countries. Facebook won’t accept any revenue from either of the features through at least August 2021.

Every one of these numerous announcements adds up to the idea that Facebook wants to monetize so much creator content via ads. The Stories sticker has the largest implications, especially for Instagram. And could assist in a world that is slightly engrossed in full-screen ads and more on those integrated into the content.