Facebook Memes: 10 Best Meme Pages on Facebook

Facebook Memes are images used to convey expressions, jokes, opinions, thoughts and many more. Memes are a more descriptive and attractive way of expressing things than written text. People prefer making use of memes because of how it’s been expressed compared to a written text. Facebook memes are mostly used by people on Facebook to express things. They are the passing infatuations that pop up on Facebook from time to time. They are sometimes amusing and other times, plain annoying.

Facebook memes

How do I Make Memes Video For Facebook?

Here is how to make meme videos on Facebook:

  • Log in to Animoto.
  • Start with a landscape video and square it.
  • Start a marketing video. In the upper right corner of your screen, select the START FROM SCRATCH option and start a new video. Choose a style that won’t distract from your meme, select the square video option then click create.
  • Format your video.
  • After you must have done that, create the meme look.
  • Now add text. You could as well add a short caption to make a true meme video.

The 10 Best Meme Pages on Facebook

Meme pages on Facebook are accounts that are dedicated to creating original memes on Facebook or arranging existing memes for followers. Some meme pages focus on a particular topic like sports, animals or even publish on any subject. Here are the 10 most popular meme pages on Facebook;

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This meme page was launched in 2012 and has 8.9 million likes. The page shares memes relating to daily life and it doesn’t focus on a particular place. It is one of the most followed meme accounts.

Student problems

This is a UK based account and has 6 million likes. It publishes memes focused on attending college or universities. Most of the account meme comment on the stress of deadlines and assignments and also the pressure placed by parents to earn good grades.


Epiclol.com uses meme to address relationships, dating and office jobs. This page also shares memes that include popular cartoon characters from the 1990s.

Nba Memes

This account was launched in 2012 with 4.2 million page likes. It shares video and image memes that is centered around the National Basketball League’s Players, events, and fans. Nba meme page is a place for basketball enthusiasts to laugh about the league’s latest trade.


Mclovin was published since 2013 and has 4.2 million page likes. It creates memes addressing all kinds of daily struggles like waking up very early on a Monday morning and many more. This page is best known for both video and image content.


Dude was launched in 2013 and has 4.2 million page likes. It shares memes that aren’t restricted to any particular topic.

Nfl memes

Nfl was launched in 2012 and has 3 million page likes. It is a page dedicated to creating memes related to the National Football League. Either comment on the weekend highlights or making fun of a particular player. The page has also established a strong presence on Instagram and Twitter.

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See more

See more was launched in 2010 and has 2.5 million page likes. The page mission is to help users see more of the best memes, videos, jokes, and anything else straight to your newsfeed. It also addresses holidays, sports, dating and lots more.

Car memes

Car memes boast of more than 2.1 million page likes. The page compiles memes for both car enthusiasts and typical drivers. Topics addressed on the page include working to afford a car, bad drivers and so many more.

Alonzo Lerone

Unlike many other popular Facebook meme creators, Alonzo Lerone discloses his name alongside his meme page. He is also a Youtube personality with 1.8 million subscribers. And on Facebook, he shares memes appealing to millennial audiences and frequently posts on current pop culture events.