Facebook Messenger: An all in one Messenger Application

The Facebook messenger is an official chat app for Facebook. It is a separate app from the Facebook mobile app. It was launched August 2011 after the acquisition of a group messaging app called Beluga.

Facebook Messenger: An all in one Messenger Application

The messenger operates independently of the Facebook app thus you do not need to open the Facebook app before using the instant messaging app.

How to Access Facebook Messenger

The facebook messenger apk can be installed on android to access the app. The app also works on iOS devices. These add-ons are not official Facebook apps. They’re third-party extensions that non-Facebook developers released for free. For example, Firefox users can put Messenger on the side of their screens and use it while on other websites, in a split-screen fashion, with the Messenger for a Facebook add-on.

Facebook Messenger Features

The facebook messenger is usually not used to its full potential. Listed below are the feature of the Facebook app.

Send Text, Pictures, and Video

Text indicator is another app that most people seem to ignore. It is a simple indicator that shows when a user is typing. Other indicators include the delivery receipts and timestamp indicators.

Much like on Facebook, Messenger lets you react to messages on both the website and app.

You can also delete these texts as well as archive and unarchive the messages directly from the messenger app.

Make Voice or Video Calls

Messenger also supports audio and video calls on all platforms including mobile app and the desktop Messenger website. The phone icon is for audio calls, while the camera icon makes face-to-face video calls.

Play Games

The facebook messenger games let you play various games within the app and on also facebook messenger for pc website. The games are not downloaded because they were pre-installed.

Share Your Location

You can let a friend know your location and also receive notification to an hour with Messenger’s built-in location-sharing feature, which only works from the mobile app.

More Features in Facebook Messenger

Messenger lets you request a ride from your Lyft or Uber account.

The facebook messenger notification feature allows users to customize chats notifications.

Notifications on a per-conversation basis can be silenced for a specified number of hours or completely turned off, both for the desktop version of Messenger and through the mobile app.

Add new Messenger contacts by inviting contacts from your phone or, if you’re on Facebook, your Facebook friends. There’s also a custom Scan Code you can grab from within the app and share with others, who can then scan your code to add you to their Messenger instantly.