Gmail spam report on laptop, iOS and andriod

Gmail spam report, Spam messages can quickly get out of hands in your gmail inbox. Gmail spam report is an easy way of making sure Spam mails never get to you inbox. Spams accounts for thousand of messages crowding you inbox that create difficulty in looking for important mails.
gmail spam report
Spam email is a form of commercial advertising which is economically viable because email is a very cost-effective medium for the sender.

How to Use Gmail Spam Report

Reporting spam emails can be done right from your browser. Futhermore your can filter your emails using Gmail spam filter.

  • Check the box next to the message or messages in Gmail. You may be able to identify spam without opening the email. You can also open the email, of course.
  • Click Spam at the top of the screen to mark the checked emails as spam.
  • Then select Report spam. You can remove your address from sender’s mail subscription list by clicking report and unsubscribe.

Blocking: an Alternative for Individual Senders but Not Spammers

For messages from specific senders, blocking is usually the better option. Since they are not spam, they are likely to confuse the gmail spam filter hence spam reporting isnt the best option to treat individual messages. Since spam senders  do not usually identify with a specific email, blocking a single email does nothing to stop the inflow of spam.