Google Drawings and How to Use It

Google Drawings. If you have never heard of Google Drawings, then I am not sure you know how useful it is. Anyways, we have fed you with all you need to know about Google Drawings and how it works.

Google Drawings

All you need to do is to keep reading and read carefully to understand.

Google Drawings

Google Drawings enables you to create shapes, diagrams, and other drawings as well. Of which you can use in other Google Docs apps just like Google Slides.

You are also free to share, publish and export your images on the web or to other software on your Mac or PC.

Google Drawings is more like a virtual board that enABles you to create drawing content just like shapes, flowcharts, website wireframe, concept maps, and many more.

Features of Google Drawings

Google Drawings have got so many features of which include:

  • Easy accessibility
  • A lot of users can open simultaneously, a particular document.
  • Strong and secured privacy policy enABLed.
  • It is totally free to gain access to and use.
  • An unlimited number of class sizes.
  • There is a comment section where users are allowed to talk about the content you have created.
  • Allows for inserting of images and text both from your device and from the internet as well.

Google Drawings App

  • On the Chrome Web store, there is an offline app one can use to draw as the Google drawing app.
  • But before you can use this app fully, you’ll need to add it as a chrome extension. This allows you to create documents, presentations, shapes, and diagrams, and other projects using its powerful tools.
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Google Drawings Download

Before one can use the Google drawing app, you must have a google since the app is developed by Google.

TO use the app fully, simply follow the steps below:

1. visit the chrome web store through the chrome settings or using this link “
2. On the search section, search for “Chrome Drawings”.
3. From the result lists, click on Chrome Drawings
4. To install, click on “Add TO Chrome” and wait for the installation to complete.
5. Then click on “Add App” from the next pop_up
6. This will automatically add it close to the address bar of your Chrome browser.

How To Use Google Drawings

This is a simple app to use, just like every simple application software or app. The app is user-friendly and easy to use.

1. start using this app, simply go to the Google Drawing Website, sign in to your Google Account.

2. You will notice a blank drawing interface, with a menu section where you can select File>New or Open to see the previous drawing from your Google Drive Storage.

3. From the same menu section you can see different objects to insert like shapes, tables, charts, text boxes, graphs, diagrams, and many more.

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4. You can insert shapes by selecting the INSERT menu> click on SHAPE and choose the type of shape you want. Then you can draw the shape you want. The same method is used to add and draw a textbox in your canvas area.

5. You can also select and add images from a DIRECTORY or location in your device or even from your Google drive storage.

6. You can also USE line objects to link objects together. To do this click INSERT>Line and use your mouse or trackpad to create a line object in your chosen location.

7. There are many other tools you can explore on your own. But after this simply SAVE your drawing by clicking on the grey Untitled drawing box at the top of the Google Drawings window and rename it to your choice.

After this, your drawings are automatically saved to YOUR Google drive storage.