How do i Create Facebook Business Page?

Have you been having issues with creating a Facebook Business Page? If yes, do not worry because you have come to the right platform. Here, I would be showing you basic steps on how you can create a Facebook Business Page without having to stress yourself again. But before I dive into that, I would like to define a Facebook Business Page.


Facebook Business Page

A FB Business Page is a public profile where you can create for your businesses, brands or products. You can as well use the page to promote your products or business by uploading them on your status, event announcements, links, comments, photos, and videos. The Facebook Business page also gives businesses a professional presence on Facebook that enables them to connect and interact with customers and as well reach new ones. The most interesting part is that it is free to create (only requires a stable data connection), isn’t that amazing! and it is very easy to set up.

How much Does a Facebook Business Page cost?

Like I said earlier, the FB Page is totally free and doesn’t cost anything. It only costs your time and effort. And It requires you to have a very stable internet connection, and a Facebook profile and then you are good to go. It only costs you money when you begin to promote it. You can’t set up a Facebook Business Page without getting it promoted, why do you then create it? it’s kind of awkward. To move your Facebook Business page, you will have to promote it, post constantly, as well as following and visiting other business pages. You could as well reach friends to like and comment on your page. Note that the number of people you want to reach will depend on the amount you pay to promote your page.  If your budget is bigger, more people will see your ads and that will encourage them to like your page. You must also be active online, have good communication skills and you must know how to connect and interact with your customers to grow your business page.

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The only time FB charges you is when you sign up for Advertisements and choose to run ads on Facebook. Of course, running ads on FB promote your Business Page and get more people to like and follow your Business page.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

Creating a Facebook Page is quite easier than you think, all you have to do is to sign up and follow the necessary steps.

Note that, to create a Facebook Business Page, you must have a Facebook personal profile.  And also, you must follow Facebook on-screen instructions. To create a FB Business Page, all you have to do is:

  • Go to and sign up. Then choose the type of page you want to create. Be it a business, brand or community, public figure.
  • Then fill out the required information. (Adding pictures, creating your username).
  • Tell your story by adding a detailed description of what your business is all about and what it offers customers. Also include why they should like and follow your page.
  • Now create your first post before you start inviting people to like and follow your page.
  • Then publish your page and invite an audience.