How to Hide Apps on iPhone Using iOS 14

How to Hide Apps on iPhone. There are some apps on your iPhone that you do not want your third party to see and at the same time, you do not know what to do to prevent those apps from displaying on your home screen.

How to Hide Apps on iPhone

Well, if you are one of those, do not stress further because here in this article, I will be showing you the steps to follow and what you should do to hide apps on your iPhone.

How to Hide Apps on iPhone Using iOS 14

The new iOS 14 features, which is the App Library enables you to hide apps on your iPhone. Just by gathering all your apps into different categories and puts them on a separate page (at the right-hand side of your homepage).

Not only does the App Library includes some automatic organization to the home pages of your iPhone, but it also enables you to clean up your home screen by hiding countless apps away from your iPhone screen.

And if you are looking at organizing your current app by hiding some of the ap, there are different ways you can do that.

You can choose to remove single apps away from your iPhone home screen, hide a complete screen of apps. Or even choose to organize different apps by placing them in a folder.

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How to Hide Apps on iPhone – How to Hide Single Apps.

Here is how to hide single apps on iPhone:

Hide Single Apps

  • Hold on to the app you want to hide until you see a menu pop up. This menu will include several options depending on the app’s feature though. Let us say you hold on to an app for Microsoft Teams, the menu will allow me to place a new call or begin a chat. However, you will always receive an option to remove the app. You can click on that.
  • After that, you will now be provided with the choice to delete the app from your iPhone or remove it from your home screen. Choose the latter. You will still see the app in the App Library.
  • If the app is not in the App Library already, then you can click on “Remove App”. Instead, you will be provided with the options of deleting the app or moving it to the App Library.

How to Hide a Full Page of Apps

Apart from hiding apps on your iPhone individually, you can as well hide a complete page of apps on your iPhone and remove the page in one step.

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Hide Full Page of apps

And since it is very easy to get back to that same page, then it is sure a great way to hide a page of apps.

Follow the steps below to hide an entire page of apps on the iPhone:

  • Press on an empty part of your screen until you notice the apps jiggle.
  • Now click on the dots below the screen.
  • You will notice small versions of all your screens aside from the App Library and Today View. Below each visible screen, you will see a checkmark. Now uncheck the screen you want to hide and click “Done” on the upper right side.
  • If after all this, you want to unhide any of the screens, follow the same directions, and replace the checkmark of the screen you wish to see again.