How to install wordpress on xampp and Wamp

The objective of this article is to show web designers how to install wordpress on XAMPP. So in this article, you will be enlighten more about XAMPP. This article will guide web designers how to design and test their wordpress themes. We already know what wordpress is all about but if the word is new to you, simply click HERE to read on it.

While XAMPP, on the other hand, is easy-to-install web server environment that has all the previously listed components. XAMPP is a free and open source cross-platform web server solution stack package. It is developed by the Apache friends and has everything you need to set up a web server. Kindly stay with us on this platform to learn more about this topic.

How to install wordpress on XAMPP

  • First and foremost, you have to download wordpress on your device. You can click HERE to download wordpress directly on your device.
  • The second step is for you to extract the content of the zip file which is called
  • The third procedure is to type “chmod a+rw /opt/lampp/htdocs/wordpress -R” in your terminal. This will allow you to have to write privileges to the file.
  • You can now run the XAMPP on your device and ensure all the three servers are running and up.
  • Having got the above steps done, you can now go to the XAMPP main page by opening a web browser.
  • Simply enter the following in the URL “http://localhost/dashboard/” and select the link called “phpMyAdmin”.
  • Then enter wordpress in the created new database section and click on the enter button.
  • You can then navigate to localhost/wordpress, in this section, you will be ask to configure the file.
  • Click on the ‘Create configure file” key and tap the “let’s go button.
  • Input wordpress as your username leaving the password space blank click on the submit button.
  • Run the install by clicking on the “Run the install” button and enter the title of your blog, a unique password, username and a valid password.
  • With the above procedures being complete you have successfully installed wordpress on XAMPP.
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How to install wordpress on localhost wamp

  • Start your web browser and install Wamp on your device.
  • Extract the and create a folder under C:\wamp\www then title it as WordPress.
  • Copy all the files and folders under WordPress folder in C:\wamp\www and open Wamp.
  • Begin all the services by clicking on it in the taskbar, after that open “http://localhost/”.
  •  Lastly, Click on the PHPMyAdmin and create a database for your WordPress install. With the following steps completed, you have successfully installed wordpress on localhost wamp.