How To Make A Conference Call On iPhone

On your iPhone, you are allowed to make calls with up to five people a the same time, which makes it easy to make a conference call. The other people do not need any special thing, just their mobile phone too of any type.

Conference Call On iPhone

How to add someone to a conference call

You call to start your conference call by calling normally one of the participants from your phone’s dialer app. Though you should make the person be aware that you are adding other people to the call.

While still making a call with the first participant on your iPhone, you then tap on the “Add Call” button. Once you place the second call, the first call will be on hold, that is why it is necessary to inform the first participant you adding other people. You can dial the second person number or select from your contact list.

Once the second person picks the call, both the first and second participant call will be active. If you saved the numbers you dialing in your contact, their names will appear. Otherwise, you will see the numbers alone.

After they picked, you can tap the “Merge Calls” button so that you can make a conference call involving the two of the participant you added.

You have to repeat this process more times to add other people, but note you can only have a conference call that involves 5 people. Just have to tap on the “Add Call” button to add more people, you dial the next person and merge the calls once they answer.

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If you need to make a conference call that involves more people you will need to have an advanced conference calling system.

Even when you are in a conference call you can still answer other calls, you just need the “Hold and Accept” button. The current call (conference call) will be on hold while you answer the incoming call.

You can also add the person that called you to your conference call, you just need to tap on “Merge Calls” and he will join the existing call.

You should not tap end when an incoming call comes in, it will end your current conference call and will pick the incoming call. Meanwhile, if you do not feel like talking with the person at that moment you can easily tap “Send to Voicemail”

How to end a participant’s call.

If you feel like removing a participant from the conference call, you need to tap on the blue “i” button, which is at the top right corner of your screen. Once you do that, you will see a list of all the participants in the conference call.

Now to remove a participant from the conference call, you can easily check the name and tap the “End” button. Once you do that they will be disconnected from the conference call.

While to talk privately with a participant, without the rest hearing your conversation. From the “i” button, you get the list of participants and tap the “Private” button.

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Once you do that the rest will be placed on hold while you speak privately with the person you have selected. When you are done with the private talk, you can tap “Merge Calls” to go back to the conference call.

Other Tricks on iPhone Conference Call.

You can do other things while making a conference call with your iPhone, like mute. If you want to mute the call you can tap on the “Mute” button. With that, you will be able to hear others but they will not hear anything from your end, else you tap the “Mute” button again.

You can put the call on speaker when you tap on the “Speaker” to enable speaker mode. While making a conference call you can also do other things on your phone by leaving the call screen.

You can also use other apps and make use of the internet (that’s if your carrier allows it). To go back to the conference call, you can tap on a green “Touch to return to call” bar fount at the top of the screen.