How To Print (Save) To PDF File on window 10

To print a PDF Simply means to save something to a PDF file format instead to a physical piece of paper. Printing to a PDF is much faster than using a PDF converter tool, and is helpful not only for saving a web page offline but you can also share files in the very popular and widely acceptable PDF file format.

Before we go further let discuss what PDF File is all about

PDF is an abbreviation of (Portable Document Format). Is a file format that encapsulated all the elements of a printed document as an electronic image that you can view, navigate, print, or forward to someone else. The PDF file is developed by Adobe in the 1990s and created using Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Capture, or similar products.  you need the free Acrobat Reader To view and use the files, which you can easily download. as soon as you have downloaded the Reader, it will start automatically whenever you want to look at a PDF file.

PDf File are very useful for documents such as product brochures, magazine articles, or flyers in which you want to preserve the original graphic appearance online. A PDF file contains one or more page images,  which you can zoom in or out from. You can page forward and backward.

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How to Print to PDF

There are many ways to print to PDF. If the operating system you are using does not support PDF printing, there are third-party tools that can be used instead that will install a virtual printer that saves anything to PDF.

Use the Built-in PDF Printer

Depending on the software or operating system you are using, you might be able to print to PDF without even having to install anything.

Windows 10

Windows 10  has a built-in PDF printer called Microsoft Print to PDF that works regardless of the program you’re using.  check through the regular printing process but choose the PDF option instead of a physical printer, after which you’ll be asked where you want to save the new PDF file.

Here are the steps to follow

  • Click on File From the menu bar
  • Click on Print icon an option box will appear 
  • Then click on Microsoft print to Pdf Ready
  • Click ok
  • Open the Power User Menu with the Win+X keyboard shortcut.
  • Choose Settings > Devices Printers & scanners> Add a printer or scanner.
  • Select Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings
  • Choose FILE: (Print to File) under the Use an existing port option
  • Choose Microsoft under the Manufacturer section
  • Scroll and Find Microsoft Print To PDF under Printers
  • From the Add Printer wizard accept any defaults to include the PDF printer to Windows 10. When asked to give it a name, you can name the printer anything you like.
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How to Publish as PDF Using Microsoft word (MS Word)

How To Print (Save) To PDF File on window 10

Below are the steps

  • Click on file from the menu bar
  • Click save as. An option box will appear
  • Type in the name you want to save the file on the file name field
  • choose PDf (*.pdf) on the save as type field


Saving or Publishing a file as PDF is very Important. When you save as PDF people can not Edit or Manipulate your content. Hope this article is meaningful and also help you.