How to Screen Record On TikTok Using iPhone And Android | How to Download TikTok Music

Within a short amount of time, TikTok has risen to prominence as the most popular app for people seeking attention worldwide. The video creation and sharing app has been downloaded over one billion times on cellphones and even desktop computers.

tiktok screen record

When you watch an interesting video on TikTok and wish to download it, you may run into certain difficulties, such as permission concerns or a slow internet connection.

Then you may have to resort to a TikTok record in order to capture what you like. This post will demonstrate several good TikTok recorders, among other things. If this is your first time using this app, we’ve got you covered.

As with snap chat, TikTok record features a display of augmented reality effects that may be utilized in recordings to alter the color of your eyes and hair.

TikTok is best used by following accounts of brands, businesses, and influencers in a comparable location. As we all know, TikTok is most renowned for video sharing and is currently the most popular social networking platform. TikTok allows you to create and share 3mins videos, lip-sync videos, and even short comedy movies. You may save videos by using a TikTok screen recorder.

How To Record TikTok Videos On iOS

Have you ever considered accessing a TikTok record via an iPhone or iPad screen recorder? To that end, you can record and capture TikTok videos on your iPhone or iPad using the built-in screen recorder capability of iOS.

Apart from capturing videos, you can also record all of your iOS activity. The screen recording will be saved immediately to your camera’s album. The following are the methods for recording on TikTok.

  • Navigate to the control center on your iOS device and tap on the plus icon to enable screen recording.
  • Swipe up or down on the interface, then pick screen recording; you may also turn on the microphone if desired.
  • Navigate to TikTok and then click on the video.
  • Once complete, tap on stop to bring the recording to a halt.
  • To play the TikTok video you recorded, navigate to your camera’s album.
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How to Screen Record TikTok Videos on Android

How about using your Android phone to access TikTok Record? Have you attempted to record your screen with TikTok? If not, you can attempt a screen recording using the AZ screen recorder.

Apart from recording, this app may also be used for screen capture, video editing, and more. Continue reading to learn how to screen record TikTok videos on your Android device.

  • Get the AZ screen recorder application, which entails downloading and installing
  • To begin recording, click on the recording icon on the app’s main floating toolbar.
  • Open the TikTok app on your phone and choose a TikTok video to capture.
  • Following that, touch the stop icon to terminate the recording.
  • Your recorded video will be automatically saved to your gallery.

How to Download TikTok Music

This procedure is quite simple to do and can even be self-taught. Regardless matter whether you’re using the TikTok web version or the TikTok app, you do not need a TikTok account to download the Audio Mp3.

How to Download TikTok Mp3 from the TikTok website.

  • Visit
  • Browse through a series of videos and click on the one that interests you.
  • Copies the video’s link
  • Open the converter for TikTok to MP3 of your choice.
  • Copy and paste the link
  • Simply click the download button.
  • Select the Download Mp3 option.
  • Please wait while your download completes.
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How to Download TikTok Mp3 Using the TikTok application

  • Open the TikTok application.
  • Investigate and choose a video of your choice.
  • Select the share icon.
  • To copy a video link, select the Copy link.
  • Open your preferred TikTok to MP3 converter.
  • Copy and paste the copied link.
  • Simply click the download button.
  • Choose the download mp3 option.
  • Your mp3 download will immediately begin.


Certain TikTok to Mp3 converters allow you to download not only Mp3 music files, but also Mp4 videos. As a result, if you choose to download the Mp4 file rather than the mp3, you can also follow the procedures above.

However, rather than selecting the Mp3 download option, you would select the mp4 download option to obtain the video version rather than the audio version.