Apple Music, App and how to Signup

Apple has revolutionized the way we listen to music and use of space on mobile forever with the introduction of Apple music. The Apple music player is an incredibly great music streaming app that allows you to listen to musics from a large pool of both old and trending music albums.

Apple Music, App and how to Signup

Apple music is built into the music app on a apple phones. With apple music you can either add and play directly from streaming apple music online or export library to listen offline.

Apple offers a three months trial period. However you must provide valid payment details before signing up. There is absolute liberty to opt out of the service before expiration of the apple music free trial period.

So all you need to sign up is an iOS device, An apple ID and a credit card or debit card and you are on your way to a world of endless music entertainment.

How to Sign up for Apple Music

  • Launch the Music app
  • Tap the profile icon or your photo in the upper-right corner.
  • leading to the apple music account screen tap Join Apple Music
  • you can go with either of option: Start 3-Month Free Trial or Go to My Music.
  • Go to Start 3-Month Free Trial as you are starting your apple music membership.
  • Next, Select a subscription plan: Individual or Family.
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An Individual plan is for one person and costs US$9.99/month

While Family plans for up to 6 users cost $14.99/month. The bill will be charged to the payment details linked to the apple ID of the phone.

  • Agree to the new Terms & Conditions.
  • Confirm your purchase. Tap Cancel to opt out of subscribing or tap Buy to continue.

Difference between the basic Music and Apple Music Player

On subscription to a plan, your music player automatically upgrades to the Apple music player. With new sections to explore.

  • For You: This section host your suggested albums and the playlist designed by the user.
  • New: Explore the latest uploaded songs that might match your taste or suggested by Apple’s expert music curators
  • Radio: This section contains the Beats 1 streaming channel, curated stations, and an extra station tailored based on your music.
  • Connect: Follow your favorite artists to get updates such as photos, videos, and new songs.
  • My Music—This is your main music library.

How to Change Your Subscription Plan

You can change your subscription plan by following this steps

  • Go to Settings
  • Then find and tap iTunes & App Store.
  • Tap your Apple ID
  • In the pop-up window, tap View Apple ID
  • Enter your Apple ID password
  • Go to Manage
  • Next, go to Your Membership.
  • In the Renewal Options section, tap the new type of account you want to have
  • Tap Done.
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