Instagram head apologizes for bugs that removes activists’ stories.

Instagram head apologizes for bugs that remove activists’ stories. Mosseri, the Head of Instagram has tweeted an apology on the platform and tells users of the app that he is sorry for the bug that actually deleted activists’ stories.

The timing was so unlucky for activists that are trying hard to create awareness about Indigenous women that were missing.


Together with organizations Red Dress and National Day of Awareness of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, MMIWG.

Which is being abbreviated by some people as MMIWG2S. To add two-spirit people asking questions if their post on Instagram has somehow been removed deliberately.

Following what Instagram said, the bug really affected archives, stories as well as highlights of Instagram users across the world.

Who is Adam Mosseri?

Adam Mosseri is the Head of Instagram where he is in charge of all the functions of the business. Including product, engineering, and operations. Mosseri has been at Facebook for over 11 years now.

Formerly, he was the design director for the mobile apps of Facebook and he went into product management. There he headed the News Feed product and engineering teams for so many years.

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Adam Mosseri was as well the head of News Feed prior to joining Instagram where he superintended products before he became the main head of the company.

Adam Mosseri also worked at TokBox as the first designer of the company. He started his career by founding a design consultancy in the year 2003.

Having offices in San Francisco and New York that based mainly on interaction, graphic and exhibition design as well.

He was born and brought up in New York, he has a wife and two sons

Head of Instagram Addressed the Concerns Of Indigenous People

Adam Mosseri and the statement Instagram made about the deletions of activists’ stories say this is not the case and also that stories were not deleted because of anything related to content.

He addressed specifically the concerns of the Indigenous people.

Adam Mosseri tweeted:

“This day is incredibly important to raise awareness of this critical issue and support our indigenous community on Instagram”.

He continued:

“We apologize to all those who felt like they could not bring attention to these incredibly important causes, and many others around the world”.

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The problem of the increasing rates of violence against indigenous people, (ost especially girls, women, and two-spirit people ) is not one that often receives the spotlight outside of reservations.

The activists said creating awareness is very important.

Kakeka Thundersky to CBC News

When community organizer Kakeka Thundersky was speaking to CBC News concerning the importance of days like the 5th of May, he said:

“Everyone’s just stuck at home on their phone, unable to gather and able to go to the rallies, unable to talk to face to face with people”. Thereby making online platforms just like Instagram a vital tool for activists.

Also, an Inuk arts and culture writer, Emily Henderson said:

“The digital space, in general, is really, really important right now just for maintaining community connections or connections”.