iOS Emulator | Best iOS Emulator for Android Phones

It is unsure if the value of iPhones will ever be as low and affordable for everyone. Android users can use iPhone applications using the iOS emulator.

iOS Emulator | Best iOS Emulator for Android Phones

iOS emulator is apps that can be installed on android phones to enable it to install iOS applications. Although it is not as cool as using an iPhone, you can get to enjoy the same apps. iOS emulators are open source developed by talented Apple developers.

Best iOS Emulator for Andriod phones.

The arrangement is not in any particular order as it is a matter of preference but any of this iOS emulator will enable you to install iOS applications. It should be noted that iOS emulators are unofficial software and are unavailable on the google play store. So you will have to download them using a link. Since they are unofficial apps they need to be sideloaded on your smartphone, which is also a big risk. There are a lot more iOS emulator apps but listed below are the most reliable.


It is one of the most popular iOS emulators for Android, certainly the first pick many people. It creates a virtual iOS platform that can support iOS apps with less storage space required. However, installing and running games might be stressful and most won’t work well. Here is how to install.

  • Download using this iEMU link.
  • Once downloaded, tap on the notification.
  • Then, tap the APK file (ignore the warning).
  • Alternatively, you can bypass the warning by going to  System Settings Then, Security and finally tap to “Allow installation of apps with unknown Sources”
  • Now you can install the iEMU APK with no stress.
  • After which check for  “Padiod”.
  • Simply launch the app to start using IOS apps on an Android device.
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CIDER is similar to what iEMU and comes in an APK file as well. It enables Android phone to assess to iOS apps and games via the app. Just download, install and you are on your way.

The downside is that CIDER is not supported by all Android devices. So you’ll need to do a manually to know if your device is supported. Here’s how to get CIDER installed and ready to roll:

  • Download the CIDER APK using this link.
  • Install by sideloading it.
  • After which check for the app.
  • Simply launch the app to start using IOS apps on an Android device.

Appetize iOS Emulator

The Appetize iOS Emulator runs on a lot of platforms other than android platforms. Because it is a browser-based iOS emulator that works JavaScript and HTML 5. The Appetize iOS Emulator is easily a choice because it eliminates the risks that third-party APK files. So you get to test or play an app without installing anything on your Android device.