iPhone Data Usage: Simple tips to Reduce Data Usage

High iPhone data usage has become a common complain amongst mobile phone users in recent times. To be fair to consumers the pain is well understood because data cost money. Furthermore, data has become essential in today’s living as such it is very annoying watching it go out very rapidly.

iPhone Data Usage: Simple tips to Reduce Data Usage

However, it is an unavoidable trend because of the incredible capability all in one mobile phone undertake.

Ways to Reduce iPhone data usage

As one of the most sophisticated phone smartphones on the planet complains like this is inevitable.

  • Disable Wi-Fi Assist to Reduce iPhone data usage

Wi-Fi assists use internal cellular data whenever an existing wifi connection is poor. This might result in the usage of data allocation as such the solution is to turn this off.

  • Open the Settings app
  • Then go to “Cellular”
  • Scroll down and find “Wi-Fi Assist”
  • Finally, toggle the switch to an OFF position

Wi-Fi Assist alone accounts for an unusually heavy cellular data usage.

  • Turn Off iCloud Drive to iPhone data usage

iCloud Drive is certainly one of the greatest and laudable additions to the iPhone. However, the movement of data to and fro the cloud is consumed a fair amount of data.

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Turning this off will help:

  • Go to the Settings app
  • Then choose “iCloud”
  • Go to “iCloud Drive
  • Finally, toggle ‘Use Cellular Data’ to the OFF position

By turning off the iCloud service means cloud backups are only possible with the use of wifi.

  • Disable Background App Refresh to High iPhone data usage

Background App Refresh is features that enable to update themselves in the background when not active. However, it leads to excessive battery usage, and sometimes data.

  • Open the Settings app
  • Then Go to “General”
  • Toggle the top switch to the OFF position (this will impact all the apps listed below, no need to change them individually)

This will result in low iPhone data usage,  faster performance as well as better battery life.

Additional Tips for Cutting Down iPhone data usage

There are other measures to curb iPhone data usage.

  • By preventing apps from having access to cellular data. This could reduce iPhone data usage if the apps are correctly identified.
  • Turn off cellular data on the iPhone completely. Although this would greatly reduce your iPhone data usage but hinders the functionality of an iPhone.
  • Toggle off automatic app updates and downloads in iOS
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All of these tips should definitely cut down on data usage. However, try out the mild approach before going all out.

If there are cases of overheating or  along with fast  battery outage contact an Apple repair center