Keyboard Apps for iPhone: Our Best keyboard apps for iPhone

If you want to improve your typing experience on your iPhone device then it better you get the best Keyboard Apps for iPhone. Having you been trying to get the app that will suit your taste but you don’t know which Keyboard app you can get on your iPhone. Are you looking for an iPhone keyboard app that you can use to enhance your typing experience? If yes, then here is our list of some of the Keyboard apps for iPhone which you can use to get a hassle-free typing experience.

Keyboard Apps for iPhone

iPhone comes with many amazing features but one of the disadvantages of the iPhone is its keyboard that lacks basic features. To change your typing experience there are many third-party apps you can download on the App Store. The keyboard apps for iPhone that will be reviewed in this article have features like swipe typing, emojis, smart suggestions, etc.

Keyboard Apps for iPhone

There are different amazing Keyboard Apps for iPhone, but we will list out the best 5 Keyboard Apps for your iPhone based on users review. Below are our Top 5 iPhone Keyboard app.

Swiftkey Keyboard

It is one of the best Keyboard apps for iPhone although the app is commonly used by Android users. It is the best swipe keyboard from Microsoft and it learns your writing style so that it will enable you to type faster. Swiftkey Keyboard provides helpful predictions to help users get their point across fast without errors. It enables users to type and text any way they like, with tap-to-type, swipe-to-type, predictive emoji and a GIF keyboard. This app is a virtual keyboard app that is developed by TouchType for Android and iOS devices. The app uses a blend of artificial intelligence technologies that makes it predict the next word you intend to type. One of the features of the app is the auto-correct feature that effectively detects mistypes and fixes it for users. You can download the app on the Apple store.

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Go Keyboard

This is another best keyboard app for iPhone that is on our list. Go Keyboard offers users tons of unique features. One of the features is that it maintains a clean look and it also provides customization options that you can use to transform the look of the keyboard. Other Go Keyboard features include swipe type, custom symbols, multiple themes, and many more. The keyboard also has integrated dictionaries that tell users the meaning of any word in any language.

TouchPal Keyboard

It is one of the top best keyboard app available on the iOS app store. The Keyboard offers users many keyboard themes, so users have access to change their theme to the one they love. TouchPal keyboard features also offer users swipe typing, auto-correct, word suggestions, emoji predictions, and lot more. To enjoy the features of this app kindly download it on App Store.

Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard is another top iOS keyboard app that is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows. This app helps users to improve their grammar and typing skills. It also automatically detects mistypes and shows you the correct word you can use. Grammarly Keyboard also corrects the grammatical errors, and it shows a brief explanation of every correction. This app is a great app you can use to improve your typing experience. It is an app that offers you a way you can use to edit your written messages, documents, and social posts.

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FancyKey Keyboard

It is a free, customized keyboard for iPhone and Android devices. It comes with cool fonts, 3200+ emoji, personalized themes, emoji arts, emoticons, autocorrect input, etc. If you are looking for a keyboard that comes with endless customization options then I highly recommend this app to you. It offers users thousands of customization options that can transform their typing experience. FancyKey Keyboard is best known for its smart auto-prediction and auto-correct features.