Microsoft Office for Android gets a dark mode

Microsoft Office for Android gets a dark mode. Microsoft is now including a dark mode feature to its Office app for Android. Though the Office app has been available on both Android and iOS for over a year now.

However, only the iOS version has added the built-in dark mode support until now.

Microsoft Office

Sourab Nagpal, a product manager at Microsoft says:

“It’s been a highly requested feature by many of our customers”.

He continued:

“Many people prefer using Dark Mode as they find it provides a more comfortable visual experience for reading and working on mobile devices.”

The Office app for Android will now enable dark mode automatically. That is if you have put that on your Android device as a system preference. Also, the dark mode switched from the home tab in the Office app.

Microsoft also mentions that it is releasing dark mode for Microsoft office on Android in the coming weeks. So not everyone might see it instantly.

The app Gathers all the Microsoft office

The Microsoft Office app for Android gathers Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel into a standalone app. And this also includes fast actions just like capturing whiteboards, text, and tables into digital versions or even scanning PDFs.

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You can as well the Microsoft Office app for Android directly from the Google Play Store.

This feature has been long-anticipated and Microsoft said it was rolling out. However, we do not know when exactly it is coming out.

Microsoft Office has allowed the dark mode feature for PC for some time now. And we are very glad to hear that it is rolling out the feature on mobiles.

The company also mentioned that this has been a highly demanded feature, which it is not surprised off.

Why many people like the dark mode feature than the light mode
are the fact that it saves battery on AMOLED displays.

The Microsoft Office app will follow your system theme setting.

The app will follow your system’s dark mode.

Take note that the Microsoft Office app will also follow the dark mode of your system. If it is a set on a system level, then you are good. Also, you can manually enable it if you really want to. Not regarding the system setting.

To do that, all you need to do is to just click on your profile on the Home tab and click “Settings”.

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Right from there, choose either the Light, Dark, or System Default option from the Theme Options menu.

Mostly, the dark mode for Microsoft Office is AMOLED black. There are also shades of gray there. However, it is a very good choice by Microsoft. It will save more battery that way.

In all, if you don’t have this feature yet in your app, you have to chill till it finally gets to you. As Microsoft said the feature will not be available to everyone immediately.

Just ensure that you download the latest version of the app, and wait till the app is available.