Microsoft Outlook for iOS now allows you to use voice to write emails and others.

Microsoft Outlook for iOS now allows you to use voice to write emails and others. Microsoft Outlook for iOS with voice capabilities will enable people to write emails. Schedule meetings, and also search making use of their voice.

The latest Cortana-powered voice capabilities will be available in Microsoft Outlook for iOS first. While Android support will launch later.

Microsoft Outlook for iOS

A new “+” sign icon in the Microsoft Outlook mobile will launch soon. And this will allow you to activate the voice mode. Also, you will be able to ask so many things.

Just like “When’s my next team meeting?” or even search for files, co-workers, and calendar entries as well. You can as well use the voice to quickly attach files.

As Microsoft Outlook is making use of the Microsoft Graph to surface important documents.

Dictation has been a big part of Word and Outlook

Dictation has really been a huge part of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook for years now on the desktop.

You can reply to messages using your voice on iOS, or even write new emails by making use of the speech-to-text functionality.

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Well, this is not the first time that Cortana voice functionality has displayed in Microsoft Outlook for iOS. Microsoft has been building gradually to this very point.

With a determined and committed “Plan My Emails” feature right inside the Microsoft Outlook for iOS mobile.

Though, the latest update brings voice to closely all parts of Microsoft Outlook for iOS mobile.

Microsoft Outlook for iOS – The Service to Release a Standalone Scheduler

Microsoft also plans on releasing a standalone Scheduler Microsoft 365 service together with the voice addition.

It is specially created for Microsoft 365 administrators to allow a backend service that assists in scheduling meetings.

It goes into Cortana to enable users to insert up meetings by just making use of the email; replies.

You can as well reply to a friend that is confirming a meeting by writing “Cortana, please find a time to meet next week”.

And Scheduler should look for the most suitable time and schedule the meeting.

The scheduler is among a greater push by Microsoft to relocate Cortana as a productivity assistant.

At first, Microsoft released Cortana for both Android and iOS in December 2015, and the service closed the app earlier this year.

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This closure came in after Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft recognized the difficulties of the company competing with the rest of the digital assistants.

And in 2019, revealed that Microsoft didn’t see Cortana as a competitor again to both Google Assistant and Alexa.