Microsoft plans to remove Adobe Flash from Windows 10 in July

Microsoft plans to remove Adobe Flash from Windows 10 in July. Adobe Flash Player is computer software designed for content that is created on the platform.

In other words, the Adobe Flash Player is a software that is used in streaming and viewing video, audio, and multimedia.

As well as Rich Internet Application (RIA) on a computer or any supported mobile device.


The Flash Player was formerly created by Macromedia. But now, it is built and distributed by Adobe Systems Inc.

The Adobe Flash Player operates SWF files. Which is an Adobe Flash file format for showing “animated” vector graphics on the Web. The SWF file formats enable video, audio, and many other possible means of communication with the end-users.

And once these files are created, they can now be played by the Adobe Flash Player. Operating either as a browser plugin or even as a separate player.

Adobe Flash Player

There are so many mobile operating systems that support Flash Player usage. As a separate application or even within an Internet browser.

Some of the mobile operating systems that support Flash player usage include Android, Apple iOS, and BlackBerry Tablet OS too.

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Whereas operating systems on Pocket PCs, Maemo, Windows Mobile, and PS3 support the usage within an Internet browser.

Adobe Flash Player also supports several data formats like JSON, XML, SWF, and AMF. Whereas the multimedia formats that are supported by the Adobe Flash Player include:

FLV, MP3, GIF, PNG, RTMP, JPEG, and so many others.

Microsoft plans to remove Adobe Flash from Windows 10 in July

Microsoft will soon start to remove Adobe Flash from Windows 10 this summer. The Windows 10 “Update for Removal of Adobe Flash Player”.

This removes Flash permanently as a component of the operating system will become compulsory in July.

Updating to Windows 10 version 21H1 which is supposed to start launching this month, will as well eliminate the software.

The update eliminates Adobe Flash will be available as well for older operating systems. Just like Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.1, and Windows Embedded 8 Standard. Microsoft publicized the timeline in an update to a blog post.

Microsoft Withdrew Flash Support

Microsoft has been withdrawing Flash support from its Microsoft Edge browser. With an update that a lot of people will have gotten and installed automatically.

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Now, the company is withdrawing the Adobe Flash Player that comes packed with Windows.

Also, a support page for the update took note that it will not withdraw a version of Adobe Flash Player that is installed manually from a different source.

The termination of Flash has been up for years now. Important browsers were as well dropping assistance in 2016.

And Adobe also stopped assisting the legacy format last year ending. Now that there is no more support, the Internet Archive now provides a backup of so many old Flash games and animations.

As well as in a bid to protect a very vital part of internet history.