No IELTS Needed: How to get a Fully Funded Scholarship without IELTS 2022/2023

Following the list of our top 5 Universities that offer fully funded scholarships in Canada, this article provides a list of Universities that offers fully funded scholarships without IELTS for the 2022/2023 session.

NO IELTS NEEDED, Fully Funded Scholarship

As tuition fees are on the rise each year, more students are applying for fully funded scholarships. Some universities do offer these scholarship programs but the drawback is the IELTS requirements.

This article is specifically beneficiary to international students who are required to take series of exams before been considered for this scholarship programs. We would be listing out the top 10 Universities that offer fully funded scholarships without IELTS.

List of Scholarships without IELTS in 2022

The following Universities offers fully funded scholarship without IELTS for bachelors, master and doctoral degree programs.

Toyohasi University Scholarships

The Tohoyashi University of Technology is offering fully funded scholarships for the masters and doctoral degree. The Japanese government does not require students to know Japanese or IELTS to obtain scholarships.

Nanjing University Scholarships

Nanjing University is recognized as one of the top internationally ranked universities in China. Anyone interested in studying in China and at Nanjing University can apply for full-time Bachelor, master or Ph.D. programs without IELTS.

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Qatar University Scholarships

Qatar University offers international and local students opportunity to study with a fully funded scholarship without IELTS.

Qatar University would support them financially.

Azebaijan Government Scholarships

The Aserbaijani Government comprises of both state and private Universities. These Universities offers scholarships to international students who want to study at any accredited higher education institution.

They offer a fully funded scholarship. This means all expenses like transport, feeding, and travelling expenses are covered by the Azebaijan Government.

ANSO Scholarships in China

The Chinese Ministry of Education is currently accepting applications for the ANSO Scholarship. They offer a fully funded scholarship program for both Master’s and PhD program.

The ANSO Scholarship pays for both the students visa and airfare.

University of Brunei Darussalam Scholarships

The University of Brunei Darrussalam is offering scholarships to international students. They are offering these fully funded scholarships for both Master’s and PhD program.

You don’t need an IELTS certificate to apply for this Scholarship program.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships 

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships provides a hands on experience to one of the most prestigious university systems.

It does not require an IELTS certificate to qualify as a candidate. The scholarship is only for master’s and PhD programs.

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Shanghai Government Scholarships

The Chinese Government is offering its fully funded Scholarship program for both master’s and PhD degree holder’s.

The Ministry of Education in China announced over 20,000 Scholarship programs in which you can apply for without the need of an IELTS certificate.

Asian Institute of Technology Thailand University

This program is not available to everyone but just the most qualified applicants. The Asian Institute of Technology is offering a fully funded scholarship to qualified master’s and PhD. applicants.

British Chevening Scholarship UK

This scholarship is for students who want to study for a full-time master’s and PhD. program.

The scholarship includes travel, accommodation and living expenses and no IELTS required to apply and qualify.

The world is full of people who strive to achieve greatness and offering a scholarship will help student pursue their dreams without having to worry about any restrictions in terms of requirements and finance.