How To Use an SD Card Reader

An SD card reader is a device that allows you to view the data in a micro memory card. It supports various types and size of memory cards.

How to use an Sd card reader with a computer

SD card readers are characterized by various characteristics such as size, memory card slots, and speed of data transfer. SD cards are the most used memory card due to the small size. It is used on a host of devices including digital camera, MP4, DV, MP3, PDA, and smartphone.

Actually, a card reader is specially designed to share information on SD card conveniently.


How To Use A Card Reader

No special is required to use a card reader.

  • Firstly,  insert the SD card into the corresponding slot on the card reader. (Ensure the SD card is properly inserted)
  • Then connect the USB interface on the other end of the card reader to the computer. (Ensure the card reader USB interface is properly connected).
  • Now you can access SD card and reading/writing data.


Watch Outs When Buying a Card Reader

Let take a look at some of the factors to watch out before buying an SD Card Reader.

  • Multiple SD card Slots.
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SD card readers are handy devices that you should have in the office and at home. You want a card that you could use whenever any situation arises.

  • Transfer Speed

Perhaps you can get this through recommendation and testing a lot of SD card readers. Some card readers tend to transfer at a high speed than others.

  • Durability

SD card readers are some fragile device that gets easily damaged. It is most noticed when there is an urgent need to use it. Speaking from personal experiences, this has happened a lot to me. Hence watch out for one with rugged design that will stand the test of fall or having a pile of books on it.

  • Size

Inasmuch as getting an SD card reader with multiple slots is important. It has to be handy. So you can get it into your pocket while on the move.


These are some of the tips to get a nice SD card. Also, watch out for how to use your android phone as an SD card reader.