The New Google Recorder App: Features And All You Need To Know

Recently introduced is the new google recorder app at Google’s hardware event. The new recorder app will be available on its recent rollout of Pixel 4 Android devices. As much as it is just a normal recorder app available on other devices including android and iPhone with recording, playback, and sharing functions. But the odd inclusion of a powerful live transcription features and audio search makes up the innovative features that make the app such a buzz amongst tech enthusiasts and phone users.

Google recorder app


Features of The New Google Recorder App

Amongst the revelations at the Google events, here are some of the features to look out for.

Home screen

The google recorder app features a user-friendly home screen. It is simple and basic with just a series of waveform waveforms with a red record button. The interface is easy for anyone with less than intermediate phone usability to understand and grasp. All you need to do is tap the red button for recording and the waveform will correspond with the audio in the background.

Real-time speech processing

Google aswell announced that the app will be able to process recording to text in real-time. Which is enough to make the recorder app more sophisticated than any other app out there. This will be especially useful for a journalist, students in lecture rooms.

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Speech recognition

Another interesting aspect of the google recorder app is the ability to distinguish audio including music, speech, whistling, and even laughter.  Something that I am not sure other apps are capable of doing.

AI  transcription of Recordings.

The app is capable of audio to English with accuracy as showcased at the Live Caption tech at I/O 2019. The recorder draws a lot of comparison with the Google Assistant speech recognition. It is accurate with conversational speed speech.

Search From The Google Recorder App

Another functionality to the app to look out for is the ability to search for sounds, words or phrases. In the search results, every instance the search term was spoken was highlighted in the playback bar so you can tap to go right to the part of the recording you need.

Conclusion on Google Recorder App

It is amazing to know that all these improvements rely on AI with no internet connectivity. This gives a lot to other competitions such as, Reason8, Trint, and others, for example.

However, reasonable drawback comes from noisy backgrounds or bandwidth issues. It is still unclear how well the google recorder app will function being directly hooked to an audio source.