Top Free Game App For Your Android Device 2020

Are you a Game lover with Android Device? If yes this article is for you. Here we will list out the best Free Game App For Your Android Device. We all love free things, this android game that will be listed in this article won’t cost you a dime to download and this is Apps I use myself. They are all fun, addictive, and interesting. On a daily basis, new game apps are released. To save you the stress of going through Play Store in search of game, we have compiled a list of Free Interesting Game App For Your Android Device and also those that are officially released this year 2020.


Free Game App

Free Game App For Your Android Device 2020

Below are Top Free Game App For Your Android Device this year, Based on Rating and user review.

Call Of Duty

The first on our list of Free Game App Call of Duty Mobile with Good Rating.  Are you a lover of Action Games, if yes then this game is a must on your Android device. It’s free to download and it has tons of features such as Battle Royale, multiplayer modes and much more. You can also get ranked, customize load-outs, win prizes, and much more. Call of Duty Game has no ads and Pop up.

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8 Ball Poll

This is an amazing soccer game with a good rating. You can play this game with or without the internet, if you are playing without the internet you will do the playing alone. Playing with the internet requires you to play with other people in any part of the word. 8 Ball Poll has no ads or popups. You get to chat with the opponent and also add up a friend if you enjoy the match. This is a game I play me and it’s quite addictive. However, It can be downloaded on the Play Store and App Store. Don’t forget Its free.

Retro Bowl

This is a football game, but it doesn’t have any Madden graphics. It’s all about bringing you the memory of the time when you were playing your first Nintendo back in the early 90s. This game is not just about coming to beat your opponent. In these games, you must manage your team with everything that comes with it.

Idle Racing Tycoon-Car Games

This is a racing game, it seems to be very popular on mobile. Unlike other games that you race yourself, this is quite different on Idle Racing Tycoon-Car Games you are the one to manage a racing track.

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Fortnite is also a great game app for your Android device, it has millions of users across the Globe. It can be downloaded via the Google play store and its free to use.

Temple Run

Temple Run is an Adventurous running game where you get Pursued by Zombie, and you get to win coins at the process of running which this coin can be used to purchased things. its ads-free and its free game. And can be downloaded via Play Store and App Store

Candy Crush

Candy Crush is just like Temple Run, it’s also a running game and you get the coin in the process of running. It doesn’t require an internet connection and its ads free.