Translate English To Chinese or Chinese To English

Google is your best bet to translate English into Chinese easily.  Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to learn not just the characters but even simplified Chinese can hardly be pronounced correctly for those with English as the preferred language. Hence there is really a hand full of translator apps or websites that offers such (translate English to Chinese).


If not the most effective, google translate is high up in the ranking of apps that can serve to this effect.

Apps That Can Translate English To Chinese

  • Google Pixel Buds
  • WayGo
  • Microsoft Translator
  • Google Translate

Translate English To Chinese With Google Translate

Translate English To Chinese Using the google translate Mobile App
First of all, the app installed on your phone (Available on the google and iOS app store).

Read Play Store: Download Google Play Store apk App for Android Free

  • After installing the app launch it
  • There are two text areas on the app with dropdown icons
  • Tap on the first drop-down to see the list of languages, locate and select English
  • Tap the icon and Select Chinese
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Note that English needs to be on the first Field to translate English to Chinese and vice versa

  • Now enter the block of word you want to translate into the first field (English).
  • The written translation in Chinese will be displayed in the second field.

To listen to the translation, tap on the speaker icon.

Using Translate Using The Google Translate Website

Aside from the app google is available on a website accessible through your mobile or laptop browser.

  • Launch your favorite web browser (phone/laptop).
  • Go to  or type google translate in google search
  • Again two text area will appear. Google usually sets the home or preferred language to English. However, you can choose your preferred language. Just click on the down arrow key after a shortlist of popular language and select the English. Do the same on the second field and select Chinese.
  • Now, input the block of text you want to translate.

3 Great Tips for Using Translator Apps

  • The effectiveness of the translation app depends on the skill level in the language.]
  • Always check for mistakes because the app is not 100%  accurate.
  • Translation app does a whole lot of work but can not replace a teacher