Trustwallet DAPP – Apple Bans DApps and Browser in Trust Wallet | What Now?

TrustWallet will be completely removing (DApp) all decentralized application on ios which will take effect on their next version 6.0. In comply with the new App Store Guidelines and to continue offering and improving their services on iOS.


Before we dive in kindly note the following.

  • This doesn’t affect Android Users
  • Be rest assured that you Fund SAFE
  • DApp browser will not be included in the new version and it cannot be re-enabled.\

Do you want keep using DApp?

Do you still want to use the DApp browser? If yes their are few way around it.


For users

  • One of the simplest solution is to use the Android version of Trust Wallet.
  • You can Access DApp using WalletConnect.

For developers

  • You can integrate Wallet Connect to connect with Trust Wallet
  • Integrate Trust SDK natively on iOS.

Reason the DApp browser was removed

Trustwallet application must comply with the guidelines of app store as a mobile wallet. According to trust wallet after submitting their update for review with the app store, they receive a message that says their update did not comply with app store guidelines.

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In order to continue updating the iOS version of Trust Wallet, allowing them to bring new features to iOS, they had to remove the DApp browser from the iOS version of Trust Wallet.

What happen to my asset on DApps

Like we said above your fund are 100% safe, so if you have been using DApps Trust wallet on iOS, everything will be exactly the way you left them, your funds are intact. That’s blockchain technology for you.

Your device or wallet doesn’t hold your asset. By importing your wallet elsewhere, such as into Trust Wallet on Android, you will still be able to continue interacting with your DApps like nothing has changed.