Twitter Fleets are Receiving Stories-like ads

Twitter Fleets are Receiving Stories-like ads. Twitter has mentioned that it will soon start including ads in its Twitter Fleets. That is its disappearing tweets that sit in a row at the top of the mobile Twitter interface of users.

Twitter Fleets

Twitter Fleets was introduced last November. It is a clone of Instagram and Snap’s Stories as well and it has been doing so well enough that the company now wants to get money from the feature.

Hoang and Austins Comment Concerning the Twitter Fleets

Here is what Justin Hoang, Twitter senior product manager, and Austin Evers, the global product marketing manager wrote in a post publicizing its ads:

“Fleet ads are full-screen billboards for advertisers”. They also said they are collaborating with some advertisers in what they call an “experiment”, to make Twitter Fleets ads visible to a restricted group of US users on both android and iOS.

The Twitter Fleets ads allow images and videos in 9:16, also videos can reach 30 seconds. Brands can as well choose to include a “swipe up” call-to-action and they will have access to standard Twitter ad metrics.

Not excluding profile visits, impressions, website visits, clicks, and so many other information.

In April, Twitter mentioned that its ad revenue increased by 32 percent year over year to $899 million, and also its ad engagement in total increase by 11 percent.

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Extending its ads beyond the timelines of users, where people can easily scroll without having to engage. This seems like the logical next step.

After all, Instagram has gotten ads in its Stories since 2017 and began to put ads in its TikTok clone Reels as of last month.

CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey mentioned during the Quarter 1 earnings call with analysts that the company was still getting some knowledge about who makes use of Twitter Fleets.

Jack Dorsey’s Comment Concerning the Twitter Fleets

Jack Dorsey said:

“We started this product not to build a storage product within Twitter, but to solve the problem of people not wanting to tweet because they appear to be staying around too long”.

He added:

“We certainly have seen a different audience than we normally see, but we still have much to learn and a lot to figure out in terms of like, where it goes from here”.

Twitter is also making plans to study closely how vertical full-screen ads operate, not only for Twitter Fleet ads however possible upcoming iterations of the rest of full-screen formats, this was according to Evers and Hoang.

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A blog post states, including that Twitter is planning on launching some more Twitter Fleet updates very soon to both backgrounds and stickers:

“We also believe that ads should be non-intrusive and bring value to people, so we’re focused on learning more about how people feel about and engage with this new placement”.

The company has been on a tear publicizing its latest features.

The company has been on a tear publicizing its latest features this spring. Also:

  • Upgrading its photo cropping algorithm to enable taller images.
  • Updating its warnings for very offensive tweets.
  • Launching a Tip Jar feature for donations.
  • Including the ability for Android users to look for their direct messages.

Also, Twitter gained Scroll. The scroll is the $5 monthly subscription service that withdraws ads from participating websites. And its very much anticipated paid subscription service, which is the Twitter Blue may be launched very soon too.