WhatsApp: How to Transfer WhatsApp Data

WhatsApp: How to transfer Whatsapp Data is something that has been a problem for quite a lot of people recently. Purchasing a new device can be very interesting, but one of the most annoying things is having to set up the new device.

The messaging platform would need you to take some steps in other to initiate a backup of your data in other to keep it protected right before you make the transfer to a new device.

WhatsApp: How to Transfer Whatsapp Data

There are two ways to transfer your chat backups allowing you to keep your chat history no matter the device that you are moving it to or from. However, one of these methods would only when transferring from your iPhone to a Samsung handset or a smartphone that is running Android 12L


So no other device-specific transfer options would be made available at this point in time, meaning that you would have to make use of the Google Drive Method if you are not migrating from your iOS to Android.

It is important to note that any data right on your first device would remain on it except you wipe its memory and delete Whatsapp totally.

Whatsapp Data Transfer From an iPhone to a Samsung Phone

To transfer your chat history from an iPhone to a Samsun handset, the procedure is quite simple, all you need to do is make sure you install the apps in other for it to work:

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Samsung SmartSwitch app version or newer on your Samsun phone
Whatsapp iOS version or newer installed on your iPhone.
Whatsapp Android version or newer on your Samsung phone

Note: You would need a USB-C lighting cable or an adapter that would allow your device’s cable to connect. Your new devices would need to be working with the same phone number as the old device.

 Chat History From an iPhone to Samsun Smartphone

To do this, follow these steps below in other to transfer WhatsApp chat history from iPhone to a Samsung Smartphone

  • You need to turn on your phone and connect it to your iPhone through the USB-C to lightning cable when prompted
  • Now follow the instructions displayed to you in the Samsung SmartSwitch app
  • Then Scan the QR code displayed right on your Samsun phone making use of your iPhone camera when prompted
  • Click on “Start right on your iPhone and wait for the progress bar to load completely
  • You can now open WhatsApp on your Samsun device using the same phone number as your old device.
  • You can finally tap the “import” option when prompted and allow the process to complete entirely.
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Whatsapp Data Transfer From an iPhone to an Android Phone

At the beginning of October 2021, Google announced that it has been working with Whatsapp to bring indirect chat history transfers to iOS to smartphones running Android 12L. So this support is meant to make things possible to transfer your messaging history to just about any newer Android device, making the feature a lot more accessible to all those that are outside of Samsung’s ecosystem

Although the process is similar to the ones used for transferring chat history from your iPhone to a Samsung Smartphone.

  • First connect the two handsets together using lightning to USB-C cable
  • Then launch your WhatsApp app on your Android smartphone. You would then be asked for a QR code
  • Now Scan the QR code using the iPhone
  • Then tap the “Start” button when prompted.

The Transfer process would start immediately. Your chat history would be copied over from the iPhone o the new Andriod device.