whatsapp web Review – Download Latest update and APK

Base on new WhatsApp update, there are new features added available for users. You can send and receive files from this app and you will still have your file original quality. The App is available for download for Smartphone. Your friends are waiting to share tons of features with you through the new version.


It’s ideal that we update the version of our applications once the app is upgraded, be sure yours is updated to its latest version.

New versions of apps add to its previous features or probably an error was corrected on the app. A scenario is the status part of WhatsApp before now you can only update DM(Display message) and DP(Display picture). Now you can update status which a combination of DM and DP which disappears after 24hours of an update.

NOTE: Your normal DP and DM still remains. Update of Whatsapp is free.

The New Version

The latest version of WhatsApp update features series of options that help users interest at peak and yet have the everyday function features on the old version. WhatsApp’ status update feature allows users to share photos and videos with friends within the period of 24hours.

This still doesn’t affect the Personal display message. WhatsApp embeds a “pinned chats” feature which gives users edge to pin up to three chats at the top of a conversation list. This is included for flexibility, a user is expected to tap and hold a chat, select the new pin icon that shows in the action bar.

Whatsapp Features

WhatsApp supports Google Gboard GIFs(Graphics Interchange Format) in its new version. It accepts GIFs from time but only through it own GIF interface. Gboard’s GIF panel was not usable within the app. It is easy now, all these stories were in the past. More emoji have also been added to suit the user taste.

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Message Broadcast

Two-steps can now be verification by the user on their WhatsApp accounts for compact security.  Follow the manual process and can also be set from Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable. The user will be asked for a six-digit PIN and backup email address. Settings can now be confirmed. Each time the user tries to set up a device with his phone number, he will be required to provide the PIN code used for the process.

Make Calls to friends and family with WhatsApp video and voice call feature. All you need to do is click on the contact you are placing the call to, select call options being voice or video call. There is no fear of spending so much just to reach and see the face of your love ones abroad. Upgrade your App today and enjoy all of these features.

WhatsApp windows 10

The windows 10 compatibility is actually same as the WhatsApp web. Most people tend to misunderstand this. The App can be connected to any PC, be it Windows 10, 8,7, XP as long as you have a compatible browser such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Yandex and much more.

How to connect to browser

  1. Open WhatsApp application
  2. Click/Tap option menu
  3. Tap Whatsapp web
  4. On your browser, open the following url  web.whatsapp.com and a generated bar code will appear on your screen
  5. On your mobile phone, capture the Barcode with your WhatsApp web barcode scanner and you will be connected.


The latest version can be updated using Google Play Store or App Store. Auto update can be done on this feature and also be done manually way of updating the apps on your mobile. The markets apps market notifies you time to time has a new version of WhatsApp messenger is released for installation. Simple steps to follow are always directed to manually update existing installed messenger. WhatsApp Messenger can also search through search engine from play store or google play

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If the app is not available, you can download it from the app market like Google Play or App Store designed for your device operating system. Each app market, on an entry of WhatsApp on its search box, finds the app and brings it forth. This is where users who already have the messaging app on their devices will be provided with an “uninstall” and “update”(if a new version has been released) options. A tap on the “Update” icon helps you get the latest WhatsApp Messenger app.

On the other hand, if the Auto-Update function is enabled, the new WhatsApp is automatically updated; in place of the old version. The update is done with a few clicks and at no cost. Could there ever be some reasons why anyone will not want to have the newest version when the update is made easy and free? No! So it is highly recommended to update to the latest version.


  1. Open the App
  2. Go to option from app
  3. Click on menu>settings>About to view version of app on your phone
  4. Go back to option and check for update. Here you will see available version of the app
  5. Follow the instructions to download updated version

For manual updates visit whatsapp.com/download