Where’s My Water Full Game Review

Where’s My Water? World’s best puzzle video game, developed by Creature Feeps; published by Disney Mobile and occupying a subordinate position in the Disney Interactive Studios. The game was released September 22, 2011, for the iOS, Android, Windows Mobile Phone, Windows OS and Blackberry 10 Operating Systems.

Where's My Water where's my water

The physics, the channeling of water, the barriers encountered during the process of cutting through dirt and guiding water, steam, poison and ooze through increasingly challenging scenarios, make Where’s My Water? so interesting, the directions cut through and every drop of water, steam and ooze counts.The faced obstacles make Where’s My Water an amazing Disney concept.

Where’s My Water Amazing Features

Where’s My Water? has a stupendous achievement of praises, in the aspect of its graphical style and the features that make it interesting. Get to know them as you along.

The Mystery Rubber Duck

The mystery rubber duck challenge is one of the most interesting challenges of the game. The rubber duck appears on a stage far before the present one, the mystery rubber duck is expected to be caught before 24 hours because it moves from a start position to every other edge positions of the game screen and it should be caught with the water by the number of drops that explodes it, likely 4-5 drops.

It should be caught trice while playing the game. Items so interesting are unlocked for capturing mystery rubber ducks, such item like a new rubber duck costume and others more.

Facebook Play

This is an amazing feature that enables you to connect online via Facebook to play the game with friends, and to check out how impressive you can be by beating the high scores to the top.


Swampy, the lead character of the game, an alligator that hates being dirty; but Cranky a menace of disruption, interrupts the flow of water to Swampy’s home. Here comes what to do, the gamer is to locate the water in the game and strategies a technique to lead the flow to the inlet of Swampy’s bathtub, but the gamer will encounter more obstacles that will disrupt the flow.

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Cut through the dirt to move the water to a required destination. Occasionally, gamer has to move the water to interact with machines in order to open up a route to the inlet. In Where’s My Water game screen is scattered rubber ducks that are to be acquired, collect rubber ducks by leading the flow to them, and they absorb some amount of water.

Ensure that the water doesn’t get displaced to be absorbed by algae or routed to a null position or get mixed with ooze|slime or poison for when the required amount of water reaches the inlet the level is completed and the next level is unlocked.

During play, Swampy should be observed. Whenever he laughs or smiles, it means that the gamer is making the proper moves but whenever he begins to hit the pipes, the gamer is either consuming too much time or making the wrong cuts.

Items are hidden in the dirt, collect them continually to unlock the bonus levels. Points are awarded for the amount of time taken to complete the level, for collecting rubber ducks and for delivering more than the minimum amount of water to Swampy’s tub. Collecting a certain number of rubber ducks will also unlock new groups of levels.

Gameplay | Water, Algae, Steam, Ooze, Poison, and Dirt

Water is to be channeled through dirt avoiding obstacles, being absorbed by rubber ducks and interacting with machines in other to get to the inlet. Ooze, poison, and algae should not come in contact with the water. It is advised to get poison in contact with algae so as to melt it, or to get ooze in contact with algae to convert it to rocks, while steam to get in contact with ice cube so as to produce water.

Where’s My Water Characters

Where’s My Water? featured characters.


Swampy, Where’s My Water? lead character. A nice alligator that despises being dirty, live a sewer close to Cranky and is always interrupted during his bath by Cranky. Swampy’s Story requires water to flow through his inlet so that he can have a nice bath.

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Cranky’s story is a subset of levels that was added on January 2012. Cranky is a jealous alligator.

Also, his affections for Allie, Allie being the girlfriend of Swampy makes him mad. Cranky’s story objective is to direct poison to his lair, that will help me to melt the algae that surround his food.

In this mode water, ooze or steam must not come in contact with the purple ducks. If so the duck dies same applies to his lair. If Water, the algae increases and if ooze the algae turns into rock. And will be kicked away together with his food.


Allie’s Story was created on May 25, 2013. Allie is programmed to be Swampy’s girlfriend. The ducks are colored blue in this mode. Water, steam, ooze and every other available liquid substance are present in this mode. Duck dies if any substance other than steam comes in contact with it.

In this mode, the game is to direct steam to Allie’s makeshift pipe organ. If water or any substance other than steam gets into the inlet, the level is failed.

Where’s My Water | How to Download

It can be downloaded in the Google Play store and App Store. On your STORE app. Enter the keyword for quick access, “Where’s My Water” on the Google play store or App Store search bar. Where’s My Water is compatible with PC (Windows 10, 8.1,8) Windows phone, Android OS, Apple IOS, and Blackberry.  Go get the FUN of the game.

  • Click HERE to download for Android
  • For iOS, click HERE